Let’s Analyze How Crypto Investment Scams Work

Professional Spam Emails

The scam starts with an email like the one shown in the image above. This email is just one of the many Crypto trading offers we receive to our inbox daily. How did they get me email address? Because, I once made the mistake of signing up for a investing offer I found on Facebook.

Fake News Article

We took the bait, and clicked on the link in the email. We came to an article which looked really interesting!

Fake Trading Bots

This is just the third step in the Crypto trading scam, to convince you to lose your money.

Offshore “Crypto Brokers”

The actual Crypto trading scam happens at the offshore broker. After clicking the link in the email, reading a fake news article, signing up for a crypto trading bot, we arrive at the website of another offshore Crypto CFD broker.


If you are still interested in Crypto Trading, then look at any of the FCA licensed or ASIC regulated brokers. A brokers like Pepperstone, ForTrade or Markets.com, you will find a legitimate trading environment.



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